Focused on providing special conditions dehydrated skin response, it proposes the development of a MOISTURE SYSTEM, which seek to integrate the individual properties of different actives to obtain a high potential hydration and thus incorporate hygroscopic and water soluble substances in the stratum corneum with affinity to be absorbed through the cell lipid membrane in conjunction with cytokines that stimulate fibroblasts to promote the production of collagen. It´s a SYSTEM RECOVERY  that achieves intervention at different levels of the stratum corneum with mechanisms of protection, hydration, contribution of lipid systems and sources of moisturizing to protect cellular balance and functionality of the cellular microenvironment.

Alpha Hydra is much more than a moisturizer, it´s a system recovery of epithelial tissue fluid balance and aimed at maintaining hydration conditions requiring healthy skin. Alpha Hydra is designed to bring the natural moisturizing factors required to maintain beautiful skin healthy and smooth

Sizes: 120 g, 240 g and 500 g



Formulated with plant extracts and oils that act as natural antioxidants, active “smarts” that allow restructuring of collagen fibers without comedogenic activity and strengthen the lipid mantle of the skin, necessary for the proper exchange with the external environment. Moisturizing properties improve skin elasticity and maintain the functional equilibrium of tissue hydration by providing deep tone and to prevent the formation of stretch marks and allow stretching of the skin during pregnancy, weight gain, bodybuilding, or change in growth. It is essential to support the growth of the hips and thighs of girls during preadolescence without forming ridges.

Relieve is suitable to prevent, inhibit and reduce the formation of stretch marks. This demonstrates that the use of deep moisturizing agents such as hyaluronic acid and strengthening fibroblasts prevents and controls the formation of stretch marks. With the contribution of small peptides facilitates the formation of collagen I, essential to the formation of new collagen fibers. Relieve can regenerate and heal the tissue of the groove in stage II and homogenize the color of the embossed grooves and aging.

Sizes: 250 g, 500 g, 1000 g and Gallon.


This is a cream designed to protect, strengthen, and regenerate the babies’ which has been irritated by contact with diapers. It contains natural oil extract, marigolds, and moisturizing agents to provide relief and comfort to the skin.

It is intended to prevent and manage dermatitis caused in the diaper area and other areas of the skin, to treat skin disorders under the skin regeneration and facilitate in case of scars, wounds or surface damage.

Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes; keep out of reach of children, for external use only. Do not used simultaneously with other creams, perfumes or lotions. If problems persist after 5 days of use, consult your doctor.

Sizes: 5 g and 60 g.




This cream contains calendula flower oil providing protection, relief, nutrition and wellness for the skin. It also has zinc oxide containing panthenol to facilitate reconstruction of tissues and cell renewal. It has controlling effects on pruritus and ant inflammatory properties. It is suitable to prevent and restructure skin affected by dermatitis or surface damage by injuries, lacerations or burns. It is indicated to treat skin irritations in adults, as well as prevent further complications.

Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Do not use simultaneously with other creams, perfumes or lotions. If problems persist after 5 days of use, consult your doctor.

Sizes: 5g and 60g


Moisture is essential to keep skin healthy and prevent pathologies. The W-hydro formula keeps skin healthy, soft and smooth and its application provides immediate effects. It contains Urea as a principal moisturizing factor, marigold extracts that generate comfort to the skin and vitamin E anti-inflammatory agent.

It is suitable for everyday use as a moisturizer, it protects and prevent diseases caused by lack of moisture in the skin, helps prevent the formation of cellulite and stretch marks. It can be used on any type of skin to keep it healthy and hydrated.

 Precautions: Do not apply to open wounds or mucous. Keep out of reach of children and avoid contact with eyes. Pregnant women should only use this product if directed to by a doctor.

Sizes: 5g Y60 g



Magistral Pharmacy has developed Cosmoetica SOLAR FILTER MOISTURIZER SPF 60 +, as an innovative approach that integrates key elements of sun protection against UV rays that cause cell damage and hyperpigmentation associated with radiation. SUN WHITE has the ability to adjust the conditions oily skin with a regulatory mechanism secretion and excretion of sebum, cleaning and providing comfort and balance conditions of the skin fats by a natural astringency. SUN WHITE has deep moisturizing properties to counteract the effects of temperature and exposure to sunlight on the skin.


It is indicated to provide sun protection and clearance average for all kinds of skin twice daily. If the exposure conditions to solar radiation are extreme applications must be increased every 3 hours. Daily application with low direct sunlight is ideal for maintaining proper health conditions for the skin. 


Do not apply to open wounds or mucous. Keep out of reach of children and avoid contact with eyes. Pregnant women should only use this product if directed to by a doctor.

 Use and Application

Use SUN WHITE daily all over the body, using gentle massage until completely absorbed.


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