Focused on providing special conditions dehydrated skin response, it proposes the development of a MOISTURE SYSTEM, which seek to integrate the individual properties of different actives to obtain a high potential hydration and thus incorporate hygroscopic and water soluble substances in the stratum corneum with affinity to be absorbed through the cell lipid membrane in conjunction with cytokines that stimulate fibroblasts to promote the production of collagen. It´s a SYSTEM RECOVERY  that achieves intervention at different levels of the stratum corneum with mechanisms of protection, hydration, contribution of lipid systems and sources of moisturizing to protect cellular balance and functionality of the cellular microenvironment.

Alpha Hydra is much more than a moisturizer, it´s a system recovery of epithelial tissue fluid balance and aimed at maintaining hydration conditions requiring healthy skin. Alpha Hydra is designed to bring the natural moisturizing factors required to maintain beautiful skin healthy and smooth

Sizes: 120 g, 240 g and 500 g



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