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We provide Couples Therapy - Family – Including teenage intervention in prevention of abuse of psychoactive substance and consumption ofaAlcohol and other drugs.


Psychological Application Workshops (TAPs) have been created to meet the needs of professionals and improving clinical intervention skills. These spaces are aimed at training psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists in order to deliver therapeutic intervention tools, family, and individual therapy addiction.

The TAPS make excellent clinical training mechanism to the extent that you work on specific problems and utilizing the experience and the exercise of the theoretical foundations of psychological intervention.




Clinical Psychologist

Drug Specialist.

Psychologist from the University of Santo Tomas (Colombia). He specializes in graduate FUNLAM Drug Dependence, with studies Legal Anthropology of Human Sexuality in the Military University Pontifical Athenaeum. Participated in seminars to address the Presidential RUMBOS Drug Use in Colombia; participant Mental Health Forum in Colombia of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Colombia.

He has lectured to the Latin American Congress of Health Psychology (ALAPSA) American Association of Health Psychology, in Cartagena in 2003, and in Neiva in 2007. Speaker at the Congress of Social Responsibility (USTA 2005). Invited to the IV Congress of the Cuban Society of Toxicology (2007).

Member of (ACOTEC) Colombian Association of Cognitive Therapy. Teacher for seven years in the psychology department of the University of Santo Tomas. For 15 years he worked as a clinical psychologist, alternating practicing with conducting research in the area of addictions, training of psychologists and outreach and prevention publications.

Among his publications are: Manual Menopause and Family Planning Manual (2002). Pharmacological and sociocultural aspects of coca leaf consumption in Kogui communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta versus cocaine use in urban settings. (2003). Addiction and candor (2003) and The Addict Thinking Protocol for Therapeutic Intervention and Addiction Alcohol and other psychoactive substances (2007). The latter publication was honored as "Best Social Scientific Work" by the Universidad Latinoamericana de Cuba.

Invited by PAHO to Havana Cuba as a lecturer in the field of addictions for treatment center directors in 2011 for conducting a training workshop on therapeutic intervention of addictions to psychoactive substances.

He is currently Director of S social responsibility program. O. S. Applied Psychology CONSULTATION BELLETHIQUE CORP Company. LTDA with emphasis on therapeutic intervention, addiction prevention and design of Psychological Application Workshops (TAPs) aimed at training of psychologists in the clinical area.





This work provides an essential and basic protocol for a healthcare professional who wants to train in addiction intervention. We have called Protocol (KV) and define applications, models and explanations of the problem, with a sequence in the intervention methodology, which applies initially using the training examples and facilitates the interpretation of real cases. The PKV formalizes strategic intervention tools and presents itself as a proven model for therapeutic work in addictions.

The protocol for the treatment of addictions PKV is a serious and reasoned proposal addressed to all people who need a more detailed understanding of the problems of addiction and is especially aimed at mental health professionals and health general. With the implementation of PKV can design strategies for therapeutic intervention in patients.

The work allows the practitioner to obtain a clear understanding of the problems of addiction, identify and recognize the aspects related to the proper diagnosis of an addiction; identify, according to the items that we offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the implications of the thought of consumption addict to find strategies and techniques that maintain self-control in the addict and finally to implement the intervention model addiction treatment to be applied both in the office and in the step by step approach to the treatment plan.

Thought for the addict is organized into three parts to facilitate a structured understanding of its contents: Part I presents multilevel understanding of the problem, Part II describes and explains how the addict's thinking on consumption and Part III addresses Therapy , diagnosis, intervention and treatment.


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