Cosmetic product line for skin care

TZE MUA is specialized product line for skin care and integrates an application ready for massage, size reduction, cellulite control,slimming, toning and moisturizing deep to meet the aesthetic market in spas, fitness centers, spas , schools and aesthetic professionals who develop independent activity.


Massage Oil: Made from a mixture of vegetable oils and essential fragrances mixed with high extensibility and soft feel for easy application while changing the smell of the environment and having the patient in a state of relaxation of pleasant sensations.

Suitable for relaxation massage and patient preparation for other procedures, promotes localized fat absorption by increasing blood flow to the massage area.

Precautions: Do not apply to open wounds or mucous membranes.

Use and Application: Spread a few drops of oil on clean skin, rub an adequate amount of oil on your hands and massage the muscle fiber direction.

Sizes: 250 g, 500 g, 1000 g and Gallon.


It has Hyperpyretic properties, is a prophylactic agent in the molding treatment, thinning and reduction measures, increases blood flow in the area of massage which favors the absorption of fat. It is ideal for slimming treatments and massages facilitating lymphatic drainage.

Use and Application: On clean skin, spread the gel via body massage with the fingertips or a glove. Apply sufficient amounts towards the end of the muscles and skin can be covered with paper or a band osmotic fabric.

Sizes: 250 g, 500 g, 1000 g and Gallon.


Conductive Gel: Ionized gel for the conduction of special electric currents for work in teams and for use in the cabin. Pulse driving facilitates and improves the comfort and efficiency of stimulation.

For use in beauty salons for passive exercise equipment, ultrasound, laser and vacuum therapy.

Sizes: 500g, 1000g and Gallon

Accessories – Osmotic Paper

Sizes:  50 m, 100 m and 200 m.


Cold gel with algae extract and a slimming and toning effect. It stimulates local circulation, eliminates toxins, and contains analgesic and astringent.

It is indicated as a prophylactic agent in slimming treatments, reduction measures, molded figure, as well as anti-cellulite on hips and thighs.

This ia A product which contributes to the absorption of fat and contributes to localized and muscle tone.

Use and Application: Clean the skin, spread the product with a gentle massage with fingertips or a glove. After product application, you can cover the application area with an osmotic paper or cloth strip.



Its exclusive formula combines active components that generate immediate deep hydration that changes the look and texture of the skin where it is applied. It has agents that contribute to the process of cell regeneration and epithelial tissue, exfoliation, antimicrobial protection, and regulation of cell renewal and skin pH

Suitable for use as moisturizing and control treatment of minor skin disorders, dermatitis, erythema, hydration when exposed to solar radiation protection and anti skin aging. Its potential makes it a suitable moisturizer to restore lost moisture levels in mature skin or those who remain inactive for long periods. Can remove some kinds of stains and improve healing in cases of acne.

Use and Application: Use daily all over the body, using gentle massage until completely absorbed.

Sizes: 240 g, 500g and 1000g.


Designed as oily emulsion, integrating vegetable oils with specifications for dermatological use, the product facilitates the application of massage according to different types of treatment. By applying a massage cream, tissues relax, allowing the absorption of nutrients and active elements. Has slimming and toning properties.

Suitable for massage aimed at shaping the figure and moisturize the skin, can be used in different types of massages according to the protocol established for each patient.

Use and Application: Apply the required amount depending on the type of massage that is desired, apply the cream on the skin surface and apply by rubbing hands together.

Sizes: 250 g, 500 g, 1000 g and Gallon.


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